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Claire Greidanus is a New York City based fashion designer currently studying knitwear at the Fashion Institute of Technology. She has previously studied at Polimoda in Florence and worked in Munich and Berlin.


Claire begins her creative process through textile development and collage, preferring a hands on, tactile approach. This process usually begins through knitting swatches and experimentation with various textures and organic shapes. As she is typically inspired by emotions and personal events, she prefers to express herself through her work, rather than interpreting for her viewer. The goal of Claire’s work is to evoke an emotional response, regardless of whether this is a positive or negative experience for the viewer.


An essential piece in the body of her work is the opening image viewed on this page. Photographed in front of the Berlin wall, this piece is a key expression of herself as a designer. Full of texture, yet minimalistic in silhouette, it strongly represents her view on design and how this can be translated to the world outside of her head. The respective creative process was an extremely emotional one, something that Claire believes should be evident throughout all her works.

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